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Our Favourite Picturebook Friendships

FriendshipPosted by Max 18 May, 2017 08:38PM

The theme of friendship is found in many of our favourite picturebooks. Below we review two much-enjoyed, recent additions to the genre.

Winnie the Pooh: The Great Heffalump Hunt
written by Giles Andreae and illustrated by Angela Rozelaar, published by Egmont

One of the most famous picturebook pairings is the unlikely duo of Winnie the Pooh and his faithful pal, Piglet. The original stories of A A Milne are among the best works of children's literature, and we love this new iteration from author and master rhymer Giles Andreae.

His retelling of the pair's hunt for a heffalump brings out all their best qualities - adventure, partnership and loyalty - and the carefully crafted and gentle rhyme moves the story along at a quick pace.

Angela Rozelaar's delightful illustrations capture the spirit of the original story with a modern feel, ideal for young children. Her heffalump dream sequence and piglet's nighttime search for his friend are suitably atmospheric with just the right pinch of mild peril.

South by Daniel Duncan, published by Abrams Young Readers

This book begins with the depiction of a fisherman's lonely life out on the ocean. He has only his banjo, old photographs and mementoes of happier days to keep him company.

When a bird with a broken wing lands on board, the fisherman finds a renewed purpose as well as an unexpected friendship. He sets a new course, both literally and spiritually.

A sparse, poignant narrative is combined with lustrous illustrations brimming with beauty. Each page is filled with a nautical treasure trove of details, whether out on deck with nets and buckets, inside the ship's cosy cabin, or down below on the wondrous sea bed.

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