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Books My Toddler Loves

Oi Frog!

Poetry and rhymePosted by Max 24 Jun, 2015 10:25AM

Oi Frog! Words by Kes Gray, illustrated by Jim Field and published by Hodder Children's

It's a unique feeling when you share a laugh out loud with your child. Reading aloud to our toddler has led to these moments on many occasions, but it happens consistently when we've read the very fun, enjoyably surrealist and joyfully illustrated "Oi Frog!"

A curious frog is told by a know-it-all cat to "sit on a log". The cat's rhyming logic (based on the traditional premise that cats sit on mats) is applied to create a series of juxtapositions, where animals are paired with unexpected sedentary venues, such as lizards sitting on wizards, lions on irons and apes on grapes. As the cat nonchalantly remarks, licking a paw: "it's very simple really". The denouement to the book provides a terrific punchline.

Kes Gray and Jim Field's partnership creates an infectious sense of fun that makes Oi Frog a delight. It's also a great example of a book that benefits all when read aloud.

Ps our toddler is especially keen on the final spread of images, after the main story has ended, where we find that the frog has been getting up to all kinds of mischief and some wild contortions.

With thanks to Jim Field for allowing the use of the book's cover image.

Author Feedback

@_JimField said: @Books4MyToddler @kesgray @hodderchildrens thanks for the lovely review. Bonus points for using the word juxtaposition, a fave of mine.

@KesGray said: @_JimField @Books4MyToddler @kesgray @hodderchildrens What do juxtapositions sit on Jim?

@_JumField replied: @kesgray @Books4MyToddler @hodderchildrens juxtapositions sit on statisticians

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