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Books My Toddler Loves

Hooray for Hat!

FriendshipPosted by Max 04 Oct, 2015 04:49PM

Hooray for Hat! by Brian Won, published by Andersen Press

In the words of our daughter, Hooray for Hat is a book that is "grumpy, so sad and then all friends and happy."

Brian Won's colourful and vibrant illustrations depict this tale of sharing and friendship, where a surprise hat in a box helps to turn any frown upside down.

It begins when elephant wakes up in a grump, cleverly expressed with fierce downward eyebrows and a dark scribble above his head. The doorbell rings and he stomps downstairs shouting "Go away, I'm grumpy!" Yet on opening the door he finds a large box wrapped in a huge red ribbon - an instantly irresistible curiosity.

As we turn the page we're met with a double page spread of the now-beaming elephant, adorned with his gift - a multi-level hat extraordinaire. "Hooray for Hat!" we all sing together.

Now in a happy mood, he wants to show his friends. However, he finds that each of them, in turn, wants him to "Go away, I'm grumpy!" - that is until he shares with them a piece of his hat to wear: "Hooray for Hat!"

Our daughter enjoyed this book from her very first read - it's told with simple language and a clear narrative, perfectly matched by a bright colour palette and highly expressive animals.

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