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Books My Toddler Loves

The Paper Dolls

Poetry and rhymePosted by Max 23 Jun, 2015 12:32PM

The Paper Dolls
Words by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Rebecca Cobb, published by Pan MacMillan

"We're holding hands and we won't let go!"

This was the first time one of our toddler's book resulted in tears - not hers, but ours. Maybe it's because it ends with such a sweet reflection on the passing of time, as the little girl in the story becomes a mother herself. Perhaps it was the description and image of the kind granny who would always exist in the little girl's memory.

Paper Dolls is sentimental in the very best sense, brought to life through the dolls' joyful defiance, who can withstand both the perils of play and the test of time.

This was the first of many books illustrated by Rebecca Cobb that our daughter loves. It's a close call between Lunchtime, Aunt Amelia, The Something or Paper Dolls for our toddler's (and our) favourite. Her work is quite magical (we all adore her crocodile, bear and fox in Lunchtime).

Thanks to Pan Macmillan for permission to use the book cover image.

Feedback from the author

From @rebecca_cobb: Thank you very much @Books4MyToddler for a lovely review of The Paper Dolls!

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