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Books My Toddler Loves

Dog Loves Books

Cats, dogs and dinosaursPosted by Max 01 Aug, 2015 06:24PM
Dog Loves Books by Louise Yates, published by Red Fox (Random House)

A few years ago, our toddler's grandparents opened a small antiquarian bookshop. Many of her Granny and Grampa's bookselling joys (and occasional travails) are beautifully reflected in this celebration of reading and imagination by Louise Yates.

At the start of Dog Loves Books, we meet a small canine bibliophile as he prepares for the Grand Opening of his new bookshop. When the initial public reception is less than he'd hoped for, a cup of tea and a good read takes him away from his temporary disappointment to the lands of dinosaurs, kangaroos and space travel.

When at last a real customer arrives, he knows just the book to recommend - the mark of a true booklover - for, as we learn on the final page, the one thing dog loves more than books is his love of sharing them.

Louise Yates' distinctive, charming and expressive characters bring to life this well-told story. Dog Loves Books is one of our favourite reads, and a perfect choice any time of the day.

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