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Stories for a Goodnight

BedtimePosted by Max 01 Nov, 2017 08:49PM

Bedtime stories have been an established part of our youngest daughter’s bedtime routine for some time now and these two picture books are ideal for winding down before saying good night.

Goodnight Like This by Mary Murphy, published by Walker Books

We were already fans of Mary Murphy’s “Say hello like this”, so were pleased to find this bedtime version in our local library.

Starting with bunny rabbits, each double page spread visits a different pair of creatures carrying out their own bedtime routine. The bunnies are “yawny and dozy, twitchy and cosy”, the cats “snorey and furry, stretchy and purry”. The reader can peek under the flaps in each page to see the sleeping animals.

The illustrations, painted in all the colours of dusk in the countryside are both beautiful and calming. The gentle rhyme of the words adds to the welcome soporific effect, fitting the final message of “everyone’s tucked up in bed - now it’s your turn, you sleepyhead”.

Goodnight Everyone by Chris Haughton, published by Walker Books

We love Chris Haughton’s distinctive illustrations and bold colour palette and “Goodnight Everyone” is a lovely choice for a bedtime read.

It’s the end of the day and all of the forest animals are sleepy, with heavy, drooping eyelids. The mice are sleepy, the hares are sleepy, the deer are sleepy, Great Big Bear is sleepy, all are sleepy, except, of course, for Little Bear with his big wide open eyes.

For a while Little Bear tries to entice the other little animals to play with him, but eventually he lets out a yawn and acquiesces when Great Big Bear carries him home.

By this time, all of the animals are sleeping and we visit each snoring family, depicted in beautiful sunset colours. Finally, Little Bear is cuddled up, under the twinkling night sky, “goodnight everyone”.

An extra treat in the end notes are the solar system and constellation graphics, of course depicting Ursa Major (Great Bear) and Ursa Minor (Little Bear).

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