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Books My Toddler Loves

Leaf-fall favourites

Seasons and naturePosted by Max 07 Oct, 2017 03:13PM

Autumn has very much arrived - the chill in the air and a carpet of crunchy leaves, our walk to school coloured by gorgeous orange, brown and yellow hues.

Here are some lovely books on the theme of the changing of the seasons that our youngest daughter has been enjoying.
Alfie in the Woods by Debi Gliori, published by Bloomsbury Childrens

This is the tale of Alfie's autumnal adventures in the woods one morning with his father.

Alfie is joined by a host of woodland creatures, who come peeking out of the trees, for his imaginative play in the russet leaves covering the forest floor. Each double page spread depicts Alfie imitating an animal, with a "snuffle, rustle" or a "buzzzeee bizzzeee" and the use of some forest props.
Debi Gliori's distinctive illustrations bring Autumn to life, and we can almost hear the crunch of all those fallen leaves. Our daughter loves joining in with the sound effects for each of Alfie's imaginations.

The end of the tale sees Alfie carried home by his Daddy, thoroughly worn out by his outdoor play and hoarding his forest treasures.

We find this book ideal for the transition from board books to longer picture books for our youngest daughter as it holds her attention with an ideal word-to-picture ratio.

Up and Down - A walk in the countryside by Rosalind Beardshaw, published by Nosy Crow and the National Trust

This is a lovely autumn/winter tale, in board book format and is a collaboration between the National Trust and Nosy Crow.

The book follows a pair of friends as they adventure their way through a chilly, snowy day. Each pair of pages bears just two words in opposite, starting with "inside" and "outside", as one puts on her cosy boots and the other is already outside in the snow.
The fun begins "up" the hill and whizzing "down" again on a sledge. The pair enjoy all the countryside has to offer on a winter's day, from the tall to the short, the quiet and the loud, all the way to the end of the day when they happily return home to the inviting light shining from the house, leaving the darkening skies behind.

Each double page spread is beautifully illustrated and depicts all kinds of fun and discoveries that a walk in the countryside has to offer.

Your Hand in My Hand by Mark Sperring (words) and Britta Teckentrup (illustrations), published by Orchard Books (Hachette)

This beautifully illustrated story follows another walk through the countryside - this time a mouse and their little one.

The walk starts in the depths of winter, progresses through spring, summer, then autumn before returning to winter again. It's a lovely story to introduce little ones to the joy that can be found in observing the passing of the seasons. The gentle verse rightly observes "the world's full of wonders, there's so much to see".
The book demonstrates the wonders to be found in each season, whether it's splashing in the puddles of autumn or the "long hazy days" of summer. The message of having fun in the outdoors whatever the weather or season will resonate with parents of young children - allowing the children to burn off seemingly endless energy and the fresh air giving the next best thing to a caffeine shot for the parents.

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