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Books My Toddler Loves

Time For Bed, Fred!

BedtimePosted by Max 26 Jun, 2015 08:09PM

Time for Bed, Fred! by Yasmeen Ismail, published by Bloomsbury

This is a book filled with fun, with wonderful illustration and strong, clear language that is perfectly suited to be read from the earliest months and still enjoyed years later.

The playful, mischievous and loyal Fred is one of our daughter's favourite characters from her picturebook collection (an ideal companion to Chris Haughton's 'George').

It's a great option for helping young toddlers who are just starting to talk to learn about emphasis and tone - "That's not your bed, Fred. That's my bed".

It's a book that also helped our toddler to develop an understanding of the bedtime routine and that, after a day of digging soil, chasing cats, having a bubble bath, and getting cosy, it's time to settle down in your own bed for a lovely night's sleep.

On turning to the final page, our toddler always joins us in saying "night night" to Fred and wishing him sweet dreams.

With thanks to Yasmeen Ismail for allowing use of her cover image with this review.

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