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Books My Toddler Loves

THANK YOU!! Reflections on our first 60 days

Books of the yearPosted by Max 19 Aug, 2015 12:02PM


We started BooksMyToddlerLoves as a way of keeping a record of the books our two-and-a-half-year-old daughter enjoyed, so that we'd be able to remember both the joy of reading with her, and the moments of laughter and fun we've shared that we might otherwise forget.

We also wanted to create a way to show our appreciation for the amazing talent that exists in the picturebook industry - the wonderful writing, the beautiful illustrations and the passionate, sometimes risk-taking, agents and publishers.

Since we launched our site on 22 June (60 days ago), we've posted 31 reviews, had 4,950 visitors and more than 400 followers on Twitter (@books4mytoddler).

The feedback we've had from authors, publishers and picturebook lovers has been far beyond what we'd ever imagined. A summary of the responses is below. We're planning many more reviews in the coming weeks, months and maybe years!

Author feedback about our reviews:

Catherine Rayner ('Norris the Bear Who Shared' and 'Solomon Crocodile'):"Thank you for the loveliest review. I'd love to hear the 'Plorringe' song! Very very happy you like my creatures!"

Pip Jones ('Daddy's Sandwich'): "Lovely new site for thoughtful, detailed reviews of picturebooks here....Gorgeous review of Daddy's Sandwich. Thank you very much!"

Chris Haughton ('Oh No, George!'): "Your toddler has very good taste in books! Lots of my favourites there"

Rebecca Cobb ('Lunchtime' and 'Paper Dolls'): "Thank you very much for a lovely review!"

Jim Field ('Oi Frog!'):"Thanks for the lovely review. Bonus point for using the word juxtaposition, a fave of mine"

Linda Sarah ('On Sudden Hill'): "Thank you SO much for a gorgeous review. The box-tree-house-post-office...made me so happy!"

Smriti Prasadam-Halls ('I Love You Night and Day'):Thank you SO much for this wonderful review. Delighted that you liked the book"

Ed Vere ('Max the Brave'):"Thanks guys...Great site!!"

Benji Davies ('Grandad's Island'): "Thank you for the wonderful, thoughtful review - so pleased you liked the book"

Louise Yates ('Dog Loves Books'): Thank you very much for your lovely review. I enjoyed reading many of the others too"

Laura Sassi: "LOVELY NEW BLOG - What a great way to remember the books you and your toddler love (and share your faves with others)"

Steve Antony ('Please Mr Panda'): "Thanks for the great review!"

Peter Bently ('Meet the Parents'): "Thanks for the lovely review!"

Petr Horacek ('Puffin Peter' and 'Animal Opposites'): "Thanks for reviewing the book so nicely, really glad you like it"

Nicola O'Byrne ('My Little Star'): "Such a lovely review!"

Sam Usher ('Snow'):"What a lovely review - thanks!"

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